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The startup landscape is bursting with potential, but separating the game-changers from the hype while navigating compliance and risk can be a challenge. That’s where our Investment Advisory Services will help you. We enable investors and VCs identify the most promising startups, conduct thorough due diligence, with a focus on AI compliance and ethical practices, and provide ongoing support to your portfolio companies, maximising their potential and success.

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Who We Help

  • VCs seeking high-potential, responsible founders and sectors
  • Firms building impactful, compliant portfolios
  • Angels and family offices in the startup ecosystem
  • Corporate ventures exploring strategic, ethical investments

What We Offer

  • Sourcing and screening deals based on your criteria and values
  • Conducting in-depth due diligence on teams, market potential, and compliance
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies for investments
  • Providing strategic guidance and support post-investment
  • Offering insights and analysis on sector and industry trends

Challenges You Face

  • “How can we identify the most promising and responsible tech startups to invest in?”
  • “Conducting due diligence and risk assessment on startups requires specialised expertise.”
  • “Our portfolio companies need support to navigate compliance and ethical challenges.”

Get Started

Let’s discuss how we can help you build a winning portfolio that prioritises compliance, ethics, and human-centric innovation while supporting your portfolio companies’ growth and success.

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What types of startups do you typically recommend to investors?

We scout a diverse range of businesses across sectors, from deeptech to healthcare and fintech to education, climate change and cleantech. We are agnostic on location. Our focus is on helping you identify founders committed to responsible, human-centric innovation that aligns with your values and your fund and portfolio strategies.

We choose to work with investors that are committed to invest in businesses that make a positive impact on their markets and their wider audiences.

How do you conduct due diligence on potential investment opportunities?

Our due diligence process is rigorous and multifaceted. We assess a startup’s technology, market potential, business model, and team, as well as their compliance with relevant regulations and ethical standards. We also leverage our extensive network to gather insights and validate key assumptions.

How do you help investors mitigate risks when investing in tech startups?

We provide comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation strategies for each potential investment. This includes analysing regulatory and compliance risks, evaluating the startup’s data privacy and security practices, and assessing potential reputational risks. We also help investors structure deals and set up governance frameworks to protect their interests.

How do you support portfolio companies post-investment?

We take a hands-on approach to supporting portfolio companies. This includes providing strategic guidance on scaling responsibly, navigating regulatory challenges, and maintaining ethical practices. We also leverage our network to help startups recruit top talent, establish partnerships, and expand into new markets. Our goal is to help investors maximise the value of their investments while promoting responsible tech innovation.


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