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As AI reshapes industries, who’s ensuring it benefits workers and society? We conduct in-depth research to understand AI’s impact on different sectors, from creative fields to retail, legal, and finance. Our insights inform policy recommendations and highlight areas for civic investment to foster a future of work that works for all.

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Who We Help

  • Associations seeking to understand AI’s impact 
  • Policymakers balancing innovation and worker protection
  • Unions advocating for worker rights in the age of AI
  • Enterprises looking to align with societal expectations

What We Offer

  • In-depth research on AI’s impact across sector
  • Actionable policy guidance for responsible  adoption
  • Areas for civic investment to support workforce transitions
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement to align with societal needs

Challenges You Face

  • “How will AI reshape our industry, and what can we do?”
  • “We need to ensure AI benefits workers and society, not just the bottom line.”
  • “Identifying the right policy levers and investments to support workforce transitions is complex.”

Research and Advisory

Research & Assess Impact Across Industries / Policy Recommendations and  Strategies / Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue and Collaboration / Provide Ongoing Guidance and Support


/ / / / / / / / FAQ

How do you approach research on AI's impact across different sectors?

We combine quantitative analysis of labour market data with qualitative insights from industry experts, workers, and policymakers. This allows us to paint a comprehensive picture of AI’s potential impact and identify sector-specific challenges and opportunities.

What types of policy recommendations do you typically provide?

Our recommendations span areas such as worker re-skilling and support programs, incentives for responsible AI adoption, and governance frameworks to ensure accountability and transparency. We tailor our recommendations to each sector’s unique context and needs.

What role does collaboration play in your approach?

Collaboration is central to our approach. We bring together stakeholders from industry, government, labor, and civil society to foster dialogue, build consensus, and drive collective action. We believe that tackling the workforce challenges posed by AI requires a multi-stakeholder effort.

How do you identify areas for civic investment to support workforce transitions?

We analyse factors such as skills gaps, job displacement risks, and regional economic trends to pinpoint where targeted investments in education, training, and social support can have the greatest impact. We also engage local stakeholders to ensure our recommendations align with community needs and priorities.


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