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Got a game-changing AI idea? We know that bringing it to life takes more than just technical chops. You need business savvy, fundraising know-how, and a network of supporters. That’s where we come in. Our Start-up Advisory and Fundraising services give early-stage AI companies the guidance and support they need to navigate the complex world of venture capital and scale their impact.

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Who We Help

  • Those refining their value proposition and business model
  • Founders seeking the right investors and funding opportunities
  • Innovators committed to developing ethical, responsible AI

What You Get

  • Clarity and confidence in your start-up’s direction and potential
  • Improved odds of securing funding from aligned investors
  • Accelerate through strategic partnerships and support

Challenges You Face

  • “We have a groundbreaking AI solution, but struggle to articulate its value.”
  • “Juggling fundraising and product development is overwhelming.”
  • “How can we find investors who share our vision for responsible AI?”

Where to Start

Initial Discussion

Assess Market Potential / Refine Value Proposition / Investor Connections / Pitching / Fundraising Coaching

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What types of AI start-ups do you typically work with?

We support a wide range of AI start-ups across industries, from healthcare and fintech to education and sustainability. Our focus is on founders committed to responsible AI innovation.

How do you help start-ups refine their value proposition?

Through in-depth workshops and mentorship, we help founders articulate the unique value of their AI solution, identify target markets, and craft compelling narratives for investors.

What stage should our start-up be at to engage your services?

While we primarily work with early-stage start-ups (pre-seed to Series A), we can support AI founders at any stage who need guidance on fundraising, strategy, or scaling.

How do you ensure investor-founder fit beyond just financial considerations?

We take a highly personalised approach to investor matchmaking, considering factors such as alignment on vision, values, and long-term goals to foster enduring partnerships.


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